All drugs have an optimum concentration range in which maximum benefit is achieved. There is a need for multi-disciplinary approaches to optimize the delivery of almost any  therapeutic.

LDS, Lyotropic Delivery Systems' innovative systems are 'tailor-made' formulations based on two platform-technologies. The first is based on the formation of nano-sized, self-assembled liquid droplets, which are fully dilutable in aqueous phase and capable of loading (solubilizing) various small insoluble drugs. The second technology is based on modified lyotropic liquid crystalline structures of low viscosity, weak gel properties, appropriate rheology characteristics, and high loading of high molecular weight bioactive molecules (such as certain proteins, RNA, DNA, and enzymes).

LDS, Lyotropic Delivery Systems' delivery systems are composed of approved FDA excipients, adapted to the required application and method of administration. In addition, each developed formulation is modified to meet the regulatory pre-requisites (such as osmolarity, pH, refractive index, etc.) of the application.

LDS, Lyotropic Delivery Systems' two technologies consist of water and oil nano-droplets, nano-channels or nano-domains packed in unique symmetries. Both structures are thermodynamically stable, resistant to temperature fluctuations and pH variations, leading to long shelf-life and bacterial resistance properties. The spontaneous formation of the systems enables a cost effective and easy scaling up procedure.

LDS, Lyotropic Delivery Systems obtained many preclinical results on various ongoing projects and applications, via subcontracting agreements and diverse collaborations, demonstrating safety, non sensitive, excellent PK and PD performance profiles. LDS formulations showed significant advantages in many practical studies. The feasibility studies demonstrated enhanced bioavailability of several therapeutic compounds embedded into LDS' nano-delivery vehicles compared to the commercial RLD products. The studies were carried out in collaboration with partners and by subcontracting license agreements.













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