About LDS: Innovation Rooted in Expertise

Founded on the groundbreaking research of Prof. Nissim Garti, Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) emerged in 2013 as a beacon of innovation in delivery technologies. Our journey from Garti’s pioneering work has fostered global partnerships, licensing our technology, commercializing products, and propelling clinical studies worldwide with a robust intellectual property portfolio. Rooted in extensive research and a profound understanding of delivery system science, LDS is committed to advancing drug delivery technology, contributing to industry evolution and global health improvement.

An Expansive Portfolio in Our Pipeline

Within our pipeline, we have an array of projects spanning various stages, from early research and development to pre-clinical and clinical studies, all underpinned by a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio. This portfolio not only safeguards our innovations but also positions us as pioneers in the field. LDS’s cutting-edge technology has already found resonance in the industry, with licenses granted to global entities across a spectrum of applications. These applications encompass a diverse range of active molecules reflecting the versatility and adaptability of our technology to meet diverse market needs.

Founded on the Expertise and Knowledge of Prof. Nissim Garti

LDS’s technology is rooted in Prof. Garti’s profound understanding of colloids and surfaces, interfacial science, and dispersed systems, honed through decades of dedicated scientific research. Prof. Garti, a distinguished full professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, holds the esteemed Ratner Family Chair of Chemistry. His remarkable contributions have granted international recognition, including prestigious awards such as the Rockefeller Foundation award, the International Food Science award, The American Oil Chemical Society (AOCS) award, and the Surfactants in Solution (SIS) award. With a career spanning over three decades, Prof. Garti has provided consultancy to over many global companies in areas ranging from food chemistry to cosmetics, healthcare, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. He has published 15 books, over 30 review articles, and more than 410 peer-reviewed original manuscripts and multiple patent-applications. He also serves on the scientific boards of various companies and scientific journals.

Expand Your Horizons with LDS Licensing and Partnerships

LDS extends its cutting-edge delivery platform for licensing, targeting collaborations with companies striving to enhance their market offerings, rejuvenate patent effectiveness, innovate, and bypass traditional delivery system challenges. Among some of the companies we collaborate with us you can find: