About LDS

Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) is based on the know-how and many years of research of Prof. Nissim Garti. Garti’s technology led to LDS’s establishment in 2013, and since then has extended its expertise in the field of delivery, developing new and more advanced technologies and strengthening the company’s IP.

An extensive portfolio of early to commercial stage projects

LDS develops, under a licensing agreement, several blockbuster products for an international pharmaceutical company ranked in the top five companies in the industry. Our pipeline includes several projects at both early and late stages, including R&D, pre-clinical, and clinical phases, covered by broad intellectual property rights of several platform and numerous specific patents; some of which are granted and some under examination.

We have licensed our delivery technology to companies in various fields for different active compounds including parenteral (Neoprol, propofol), ophthalmic (OphRx, various molecules) oral (Ananda, cannabinoids), and topical (Nannovate, terbinafine) applications.

Built on the know-how of Prof. Nissim Garti

Prof. Garti, a full professor since 1999 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been honored as the recipient of the Ratner Family Chair of Chemistry, and has earned many prestigious international awards among which are the Rockefeller Foundation award, the International Food Science award, the Surfactants in Solution (SIS) award, as well as several of the American Oil Chemists’ Society awards, and more. He has served as a consultant to more than 15 global companies in the fields of food chemistry, cosmetics, health care and nutraceuticals. Prof. Garti has published 15 books, over 30 review articles, and more than 410 peer-reviewed original manuscripts. He submitted ca 90 patents and has served on the scientific boards of several companies and scientific journals.
LDS’s technology grew from Prof. Garti’s know-how and profound understanding in the field of colloids and surfaces, interfacial science, dispersed systems, and interfacial science, backed by more than 30 years of scientific research.

Partnership and licensing

LDS is licensing its unique delivery platform for various products and applications. We partner with companies looking to enrich their pipeline, renew their patent life, bring innovation, and overcome the difficulties they face using traditional delivery systems.