Ocular application

Active molecules presently used for ophthalmic applications of poor permeation are being re-formulated using LDS’s unique nano-structures. LDS’s nano-sized domains have large interfacial contact with the eye epithelial (topical instillation). This dramatically increases the permeation and allows the drug to reach the tissue target.

LDS’s structures can target the posterior and interior segments of the eye and LDS technology can solubilize large molecular-weight bioactives.

Pre-clinical results demonstrating superiority


Prof. Garti’s technology was licensed to a joint venture of Integra Holdings and BioLight Life Science, establishing OphRx in 2015.

LDS’s nano-droplets technology was tailor-made to ophthalmic topical drops, while bringing solutions for low-permeable and low-soluble molecules targeting either the interior or posterior segments of the eye.
Pre-clinical POC and tolerance studies in rabbits and rodents have been completed, showing superiority in delivery compared to the current commercialized products.

These studies also demonstrated the capabilities of the nano-domains to deliver significant levels of the active molecule to the posterior segment of the eye via topical administration, overcoming the problems associated with the invasive treatment of intravitreal injections used today.

One of the selected active molecules is expected to start clinical studies in Q1 of 2021.