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LDS, a leading biotech company, specializes in revolutionary delivery technology for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. Our innovative and unique delivery, based on years of extensive research, offers solutions for insoluble and poorly permeable active molecules, enhancing their bioavailability and efficacy. The platform technology can be tailored to various molecules, both small and large, generic or innovative, and customized to different routes of administration, including oral, ocular, dermal, parenteral, and more. With a vast patent portfolio, we’ve established global partnerships, collaborated on commercial products, and advanced multiple clinical studies. LDS invites collaboration with industry leaders, innovators, and researchers, offering access to our groundbreaking delivery technology.

LDS: Pioneering Across Several Healthcare Areas

Our delivery technology marks its presence in several key healthcare areas, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals, dedicated to advancing ‘delivery science’ by constantly evolving our portfolio with specialized, platform-based technologies for a broad spectrum of innovative and generic, large and small molecules.






Tailor-Made Delivery Systems for Active Molecules

LDS’s delivery technology utilizes safe, non-toxic, approved (FDA-IIG) excipients, designed for tailored compositions to achieve specific delivery objectives, such as enhanced, controlled, or triggered release. Our developments are meticulously engineered and designed, based on our platform technology, to cater to the active molecule—whether it is small or large, soluble or insoluble, innovative or generic. This approach significantly enhances the bioavailability and stability (extended shelf life) of the active molecule. The technology is not only cost-effective but also scalable and customizable.

Wide range of solutions for multiple

LDS’s molecularly engineered nano-domains are a platform technology designed for numerous applications, various dosages, and different administration routes.


LDS’s structures protect the active molecules during oral uptake, safeguarding them from the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and improving their transport and abrorption to the bloodstream.


LDS’s unique liquid domains provide extensive surface contact with the eye’s epithelium, demonstrating increased stability against the pH and electrolyte levels of the tear film, enabling enhanced permeation to the interior or posterior eye segments.


Introducing a pioneering approach to topical delivery, LDS’ structures, formulated as creams, gels, and films, facilitate superior transport of insoluble active molecules through the skin layers.


LDS liquid domains are engineered to significantly improve traditional emulsion and suspension formulations in parenteral applications, enhancing chemical, physical, and microbiological stability.

Prof. Nissim Garti

Founder and Chief Scientists

Our advanced and revolutionary concepts, derived from theoretical calculations and deep understanding of colloidal science, allow us to design liquid molecular nano-architectures for increased stability and enhanced performance of various active molecules and applications for the pharma and health-care industries.

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