Topical application

Many active molecules are water or oil-insoluble  or of  high molecular weight, and are poorly permeable through the different skin layers (class III or IV). This limits many active molecule efficacies and results in insufficient therapeutic effect. We took it as a challenge to develop new carriers and delivery vehicles onto which the active molecules will be embedded at the domains interface to help them adhere intimately to the surface of the skin, thus allowing the embedded permeating agents to facilitate the penetration of the active molecule onto or through the skin and reach the target tissue or the blood stream. LDS’s topical nano-systems are based on safe, non-toxic excipients adapted for pharmaceutical (FDA IIG) and cosmetics (INCI) applications. The formulations are structured to have a pleasant feel including non-greasiness, non-stickiness, fast-absorbing attributes, and more.

Pre-clinical results demonstrate superiority


In 2017, LDS entered into partnership and IP transfer under a confidential license agreement with an international pharmaceutical company, ranked in the top five in the industry, to develop and commercialize several topical products based on its groundbreaking nano-technology.  Under this extensive licensing agreement and development work, LDS received an upfront cash payment and milestone-dependent payments and will receive royalties on the future product sales.

The global company undertook the costs for all clinical studies and commercialization activities associated with the development plan.

Patent applications were submitted and are presently at a late stage of examination in many countries around the globe. The clinical studies are expected to begin in Q1 of 2021.