Oral application

Non-soluble active molecules exhibit very low bioavailability resulting in low effectiveness. To overcome that problem, in many cases excess doses of the active molecule are required. In addition, high dosage of active molecules undergoes first-pass absorption and may cause safety and toxicity issues. LDS has dealt with active molecules of poor solubility and poor bioavailability, and loaded them at the interface of the liquid nano-domains. Those unique structures can bypass the stomach while protecting the active molecule and guiding its absorption into the upper layer of the GI, facilitating fast transport across the membrane. Specially designed structures allow fast transport at high levels.

Pre-clinical results demonstrate superiority


In 2015, LDS entered into a partnership and license agreement with Ananda Scientifics, a US-based company, for oral delivery of cannabinoids. Ananda Scientifics has signed a long-term R&D agreement with LDS for future generations of oral cannabinoid-based products made in the form of soft-gels, instant powders, and dilutable liquids alone, or CBD together with other nutraceuticals such as curcumin, DHA, and more.

The technology is protected by patents issued in several countries and the nutraceutical products are currently sold in several markets around the globe under different brand names which yield royalties to LDS.

A first-in-human clinical trial (Phase 1A) for oral uptake of CBD was completed in 2020 with great success, demonstrating very fast CBD absorption (Tmax) and very high content of the CBD active ingredient into the bloodstream.

A Phase 2a is planned to start in Q4 of 2020. The studies are planned to demonstrate cannabinoids as opiate replacements and as a drug for two additional indications.

LDS is bringing continuous and progressive novelty and innovation into the cannabinoid markets.